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BOW HUNTING FEE:  $150 per day plus $25 per day for lodging per hunter = $175 per day (two day minimum) "Do it yourself hunting."

On "Do it yourself hunting" bookings, the bow hunting group is expected to provide their own groceries for meals during the booked hunt.  Also, each hunter is to provide his own towels and bedroll (sheets, blankets, pillow, sleeping bag, etc.).  Each bow hunter may bring his own stand (tripod, ladder stand, game tamer) or blind (pop-ups, ground blinds) to place on the ranch during the booked hunt, although the Hackberry has numerous feeder and blind set-ups.  The booked hunting group will need to bring adequate transportation (four-wheelers, jeeps, etc.) to access all areas of the ranch.  Some parts of the ranch are rough and rocky.

The Hackberry Ranch will provide lodging, as shown on Facilities on the website, which includes kitchen facilities including electric stove and refrigerator.  A charcoal cooker is provided, but you will need to bring charcoal.  Air conditioning and heating is provided in the cabin, and a walk-in cooler with skinning shed is provided.  Corn and alfalfa hay is available for hunters to purchase at the ranch.

BOOKING DEPOSIT:  $100 per hunter

GAME ALLOWED:  One animal per booked day per hunter (any trophy or turkey taken will count as an animal per booked day).  Axis Does (limit one per hunter per two booked days), Aoudad Rams, Aoudad Ewes, Mouflon/Corsican Rams, Mouflon/Corsican Ewes, Javelina, Hogs (do not count against game allowed).  During Archery Season (Sept. 29-Nov. 2) and the General Season (Nov. 3-Jan. 6) for Whitetail Deer, Whitetail Does and Whitetail Bucks (spikes & three points only) will be allowed.  During the Special Season (Jan. 7-Jan. 20) only Whitetail Does and Spike Bucks are allowed by law.  Turkey (gobblers only - limit one gobbler per hunter per booked hunt).  The following animals can be taken on a trophy fee basis:  Axis Buck $500, Blackbuck Antelope $500, Sika Buck $500, Whitetail Buck (5 pts. or more) $500.

Hunting Seasons:  2007-2008
Whitetail Deer Archery Sept. 29-Nov. 2
General Nov. 3-Jan.6
Special Late Season (WT Does & Spike Bucks only) Jan. 7-Jan.20
Turkey Archery Sept. 29-Nov. 2
General Nov. 3-Jan. 6
Spring Mar. 15-April 27, 2008
Exotics, Hogs, Predators No Closed Season

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