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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How many other hunters will be hunting the approximately 3,000 acres during my hunting group's reserved time?

A:  There will not be other hunters on the ranch during your group's reserved time.  Your group will have exclusive access to the camp and to the 17 feeders during your 3 or 4 day hunt.

Q:  What are my chances of taking a nice whitetail buck or exotic during my hunt?

A:  Your chances are very good.  You will probably see a number of good animals, both whitetail and exotic.

Q:  Who will be our host on our hunt?

A:  The Hackberry Ranch foreman, J. R. Rollison, will be your host on your hunt.  He will show you around the ranch, and assist you in making your hunt an enjoyable one.

Q:  Are hunts conducted within a high fence or are the animals free ranging?

A:  All of our animals are free ranging.

Q:  Are all hunts "do it yourself hunts" or do you have guided hunts?

A:  We can provide other services such as guides and transportation, but you will need to check with the ranch foreman, J. R. Rollison, before arriving as to costs of these services.

Q:  What types of stands are available at the ranch?

A:  We have approximately 20 stand set-ups on the ranch.  All of our feeders have bow stand set-ups.  These will include ladder stands, game tamers, tripods, quad-pods and ground blinds.  Hunters may want to bring their own blinds and stands for set up during their hunt.

Q:  Are four-wheelers, jeeps and other 4-wheel drive vehicles allowed on the ranch?

A:  Yes, you may bring these types of vehicles to the ranch to be able to access all parts of the ranch.  Their use will be restricted to use only in accessing your stand to hunt.  The ranch foreman will explain use of vehicles to your group.

Q:  Does the ranch have cold storage for game taken during the hunt?

A:  We have a large walk-in cooler that will be adequate for all game taken during a hunt.  We also have a nice skinning shed available.

Q:  Can I pay for my hunt by check?

A:  Yes, you may pay for your hunt by check or cash.  Make check payable to Ben Patterson Ranches, Ltd.  We are not set up to take credit cards.

Q:  What is the cost of a non-resident Texas Hunting License and how do I obtain a license before I come to hunt?

A:  The cost of a non-resident Texas Hunting License to hunt big game such as whitetail deer, exotics (axis deer, mouflon sheep, sika deer, aoudad sheep, black buck antelope, etc.) and wild turkey will be $250.00 for an adult.  A non-resident under the age of 17 can hunt under a special permit costing $6.00. Non-resident spring turkey hunters can buy a license costing $100.00, but this will not permit them to shoot big game such as deer, etc.  All of the above licenses and permits can be purchased from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department by calling 1-800-895-4248 menu option #2. They also have the full list of options on their web site.

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